Plan of Action & Fees

The initial analysis and plan creation is paid for by the client at a rate of $975 per hour, not to exceed the initial retainer of $10,000.

Each of the companies to which the client is referred will be contractually bound to charge the client no more than the amount they would charge if the client contacted them directly. In some circumstances, our clients receive a discounted rate from the rate normally charged clients.

DCR is compensated by the companies or individuals whom the client will be referred.

The amount of compensation, and the terms under which the compensation will be paid, is fully disclosed.

Each of our referral partners have agreed that the amount of compensation paid to DCR will not affect, in any manner, the fees charged to each client. The amount of compensation paid to DCR will be fully transparent and the client will be made aware of the amount of that compensation, even though it will not affect in any way the fees paid by the client.

When a referral is made to a general provider, such as an appraiser, credit repair agency, or private investigator, DCR will have pre-negotiated discounts for each client’s benefit.