DCR Smart PlanSM

DCR helps clients avoid bankruptcy

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Powered by Professionals in 24 Areas of Service

Led by renowned bankruptcy attorney, William (Bill) Lobel, the sole mission of DCR is to move businesses through challenging problems caused by challenging financial situations with a focus on avoiding chapter 11. Bill has 30 plus years of experience accomplishing just this. He uses this extensive knowledge and wisdom to create each DCR Smart Plan.

Bill understands how to carefully analyze each company’s particular issues.

The result is a customized, strategic, and well thought out plan with the singular purpose of striving to move forward without bankruptcy and maintain the company’s hard-earned reputation.

Many financial experts are predicting economic challenges are on the horizon.

Due to these anticipated realities, Bill combined his decades of experience and connections to build a powerful group of highly qualified professionals ready to assist in 24 areas of expertise. Each team member offers specific tools in their area of expertise. After his analysis, Bill taps the appropriate experts to resolve the problems of each financially distressed company.