About DCR

US money close up

Working nationally, our singular purpose is to assist companies and individuals who own businesses or real estate which have become financially distressed.

Our goal is to maximize value and, in the right circumstances, to assist the client to restructure existing debt, repurpose assets or modify business to allow for the retention of assets. With our help, our clients are able to resolve their financial distress while maintaining the hard-earned professional reputations they have spent years building.

We begin with research and an in-depth analysis of the facts as well as the business and legal issues facing each client. A clear road map of the best alternatives is formulated, which is focused on avoiding chapter 11, whenever possible. Our team of 24 experts works in tandem with us to unearth the most cost effective and proactive course of action.

Throughout the implementation of the Plan, DCR professionals will be involved, as needed, to guide and assist each client throughout the entire process. This is the case whether a client retains the services of individuals or entities referred by DCR or retains other service providers of the client’s choosing.

Legal Counsel

Each client will be assisted through the process by their current legal counsel or by the attorneys at Theodora Oringher, the law firm which Bill Lobel is associated. The lawyers at Theodora have extensive experience assisting clients in financially distressed situations. The client is always free to retain their current professionals. All of these services, no matter whom the legal counsel, will be supervised by Bill Lobel.

The services available by Theodora Oringher attorneys include negotiating with existing creditors, filing a chapter 11, if necessary, or representing the client in obtaining new financing, in the sale of equity or assets and related services.