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Breaking News: The Feds, Interest Rates, and Inflation

The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System unanimously voted to increase the interest rate paid on reserve balances to 1.65%, effective June 16, 2022.

Over the past several months our blogs and articles have intimated that this interest rate increase was looming. The Fed’s intent is to place a governor on rising inflation, which all Americans are significantly feeling. The country’s leaders would like to have staved off this increase until the mid-terms in November but with the steady inflationary trend, it became necessary to act immediately.

As the impact of these economic changes affects more and more families, more companies are experiencing financially distressed situations. We are seeing companies and real estate investors and entrepreneurs having a steady increase in distressed assets. Companies have gone from 30-day payables to 60-days and now many are 90-days out and debt is mounting.

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