The Story of Distressed Capital Resources

As the founder of DCR, I intend to use my decades of experience helping companies stave off chapter 11 bankruptcies to now help more individuals and businesses accomplish this goal. As an experienced and knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney, I have counseled and represented individuals and companies which have found themselves in financially distressed situations. These can be either businesses or they can be individuals with real estate holdings.

During my years of practice, I have represented debtors in bankruptcy courts throughout the United States and have developed relationships with people and companies that provide assistance in distressed financial situations on a national basis.

During my career I have earned a reputation for finding solutions for clients that do not involve the filing of a bankruptcy. After so many years of practice I can say with certainty that the filing a bankruptcy, either a chapter 11, chapter 5, or chapter 7, is a course of action that should be only be chosen last after all other alternatives have been exhausted.

Distressed Capital Resources, or DCR, is a product of those years of practical experience. At DCR, we have gathered in one place all the various resources that in any given situation may aid a financially distressed person or company in resolving their financial issues.

If you retain DCR to assist you we will meet over Zoom or telephonically and develop a full analysis of your financial situation. Together, we will formulate a plan to resolve your financial issues, utilizing all of the resources appropriate to resolve your particular distressed situation. The next step is to establish an order in which those resources will be utilized.

DCR personnel will counsel and assist you in implementing the agreed upon plan, including modifying that plan if that becomes necessary. I typically continue to monitor and assist throughout the entire process.

If, for example, the plan calls for exploring the possibility of new financing or an equity infusion by a third party, you will be referred to several lenders or equity providers which have indicated to DCR they are interested in lending or providing fresh equity in distressed situations. Under certain circumstances it may even be possible to obtain new financing with no points and no interest. If this financing is appropriate for your situation, we will be happy to discuss it with you.

You, preferably with your counsel, will interview the potential providers to whom you will be referred. DCR personnel, or the attorneys with Theodora Oringher, the law firm to which I am Senior Counsel, will be available as needed to assist you. You will select a provider(s) with whom you want to do business, and DCR will be there to assist in negotiating the terms of the transaction and documenting it. Of course, you are free to work with any attorney of your choice to provide assistance to you. This includes selecting providers other than the ones to whom you will be referred by DCR.

Each of the providers to which you will be referred has made a binding contractual commitment to DCR that they will not charge you any more for their services than would have been the case had you contracted them directly. In addition, you will be told exactly how much compensation is being paid to DCR because of our referral to the provider. In some instances, those providers have agreed to deliver their services on a discounted basis, based on their relationship with DCR.

If a chapter 11 or chapter 5 case must ultimately be filed, experienced attorneys at Theodora Oringher are available to represent you. Conversely, we can assist you in locating and retaining appropriate other bankruptcy counsel of your choice.

Our website explains the services that will be made available to you in numerous categories. You will be referred to several providers in each of these categories. You will decide whether you will use the services of any of them, or other providers of your choice. If you want to learn more about the DCR process and how it may assist you, please feel free to schedule an appointment. This appointment is entirely complimentary. And whether or not you ultimately retain DCR, you will gain perspective with respect to your financial situation and the tools that exist to assist in resolving your financial issues.

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