With our current changing economic climate, now is not the time to wait.

The chances of avoiding bankruptcy are much better the sooner you act.

The DCR Smart PlanSM

Led by renowned bankruptcy attorney William (Bill) Lobel, the sole mission of DCR is to help business leaders solve the problems caused by financial distress, with a focus on avoiding Chapter 11 bankruptcy and the reputational damage that it causes. Bill has decades of experience providing clients in financial distress with bankruptcy options in California. He uses this knowledge and wisdom to create each DCR Smart PlanSM. Each Smart Plan becomes a roadmap that helps guide you to your desired goals, with step-by-step instructions and suggestions regarding services and individuals who can assist with viable bankruptcy options.

A Visionary Approach


Distressed Capital Resources has created a visionary approach to bankruptcy options, utilizing years of experience to assist businesses and real estate owners in navigating through challenging financial situations.

Working individually with each entity, we maximize value, restructure debt, repurpose assets, or modify businesses to avoid bankruptcy and retain assets.

Creating Solutions with a DCR Smart PlanSM

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Chapter 11 bankruptcy can damage a business’ reputation, sometimes irrevocably. That’s why we offer a cadre of 24 categories of services, each with a focus on uncovering the best alternative options to filing a chapter 11 bankruptcy in California. Our plans offer cost effective and powerful solutions. DCR has a transparent relationship with each of the professionals. There are no additional costs to the client for the goods or services of those professionals as a result of the involvement of DRC.

Bill Lobel has been representing people in financially distressed situations for decades.

He decided there was a better alternative than resorting to chapter 11 bankruptcy so he formed DCR in order to give clients an opportunity to have a better option going forward and a better result in the end.


Chapter 11 Reorganization

While a chapter 11 reorganization is often expensive, and sometimes unpredictable, its rules are designed to assist Debtors in preserving their businesses and/ or real estate. The bankruptcy process is essentially an abridgement of the rights of creditors to facilitate giving a Debtor a financial fresh start. Those rules are very powerful weapons when employed correctly.

At DCR, actually filing a chapter 11 is the last bankruptcy option.

Business & Financial Advisors

Experienced financial advisors can provide essential services in a distressed financial situation. Often, where the creditors have lost confidence in the Debtor, a financial advisor may tell the creditors the same thing the Debtor would have said, but the advisor will be believed when the Debtor may not be. This is sometimes the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful restructuring.

Potential Equity Funding

In appropriate circumstances it may be possible to induce the funding of additional equity into a distressed situation. Because equity investment can be structured in many different ways, creative thinking can often create circumstances that make it appropriate for new equity dollars to be infused into a financially distressed situation and avoid bankruptcy.

Replacement Financing

It is often necessary to replace existing financing with new loans. DCR has strategic alliance with traditional and non-traditional financing sources for these situations where the existing lender is unable or unwilling to provide the necessary financial assistance.

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Renegotiation of Current Debt

Usually the first step in any financial restructuring process is to negotiate with existing creditors to discount the amount owed or to restructure the timing of payment. The threat of a bankruptcy proceeding, in which the attorneys’ fees and other costs often result in a greatly reduced or minimal payment to creditors often creates the leverage necessary to negotiate different terms with existing creditors.